Friday, October 3, 2014

Fun at the Fair

For the first time in six months, I have my desktop back. I can now blog on the regular again. Praise the Lord Hallelujah!

The kids and I hit up the county fair and had such a good time. We spent the first 2+ hours just wandering through the barns and looking at all the animals. There were SO many! Cow, horses, pigs, chickens, turkeys, alpacas, goats, rabbits. You name it, they had it. And to top it off, we stayed for the demolition derby. The kids thought that was just the bees knees!

We didn't even get to the rides which was fine and we didn't care. There was so much to see and do. Horses getting baths and new horse shoes, 4-H shows, the milking station, demo derby, and more.

 The kids were mesmerized watching the cows being milked. Alena put two and two together and comments, "Mommy, that cow is being pumped like you did." (I pumped and donated my milk to a baby in need.)

This mama goat was being shown with her cute baby kid!

 I thought this next picture was just adorable. I spotted a local girl taking a nap with her show cow. :)

The grandstand was packed for the derby.
Did anyone else hit up their county fair this year?

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