Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Festivities

From September through December, the Fall season brings on many festivals and bazaars around our area. Every weekend is a different one with plenty of things for the kids to enjoy. Here's just a couple that we've visited.

Our first stop was to my hometown's Heritage Day. There were a variety of displays demonstrating how things were made in the old days. The kids each got to make their own candle by dipping string into the wax, walking around the roped off square, and repeating with each lap. After about 10-15 minutes of dipping, we had candles! Makes you realize how easy we have it to be able to flip a switch and have instant light.

There was also a blacksmith demo on making nails.

While we were there, a random turkey comes waltzing through the park. Apparently this turkey was coming and going through there all day. Hah.

Alena and Christian also made some rope. It was the neatest thing to watch and even though I watched how it was made, I'm still confused as to how the twine twisted onto itself into a rope!

That same weekend, another local town was having their Pumpkin Festival. It was really cold so we did a few activities, grabbed some deep fried Oreos (you must try them!), and headed home.

For a couple bucks, you could squash a pumpkin with a heavy wooden hammer. We were standing a good 10-12 feet away and still got pumpkin guts splattered on us.

SOOOO good and so fattening!

After a flashlight hay maze and the Oreos, we stopped for a quick picture before escaping to the warmth of the car.

Has anyone else been enjoying the abundance of Fall festivities?

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