Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Last weekend the kids and I had some fun. Friday, the kids had their last day at their homeschool co-op. When they came home, we headed to the store to pick out some things for Father's Day to send over to Gabe (can't tell you what we got because he reads the blog. Hi honey!). We went home for dinner and then afterwards headed out and supported my nephew at his baseball game (they won!).

I'm trying to teach the kids about saving and spending their money wisely. We had already had dinner so I let them know I was not buying them snacks and junk food at the concession stand and if they wanted anything they would have to buy it with their own money. They both opted to spend a dollar on a Sno cone.

Saturday, we went to visit some baby chicks at my brother-in-law's mother's house. We had gone the previous week when they were just a few days old. The kids love animals and I love that they do.

Noah LOVED watching them.
After the kids had enough chicken love we headed over to my old high school's town park for their annual fireman's festival. The selection of rides was sparse but we still had a good time. And seeing old school mates is always fun too.

On Sunday, my parents left to go camping for the week. The kids and I enjoyed the beautiful evening outside. Noah's pants ended up filthy so I took them off and let him run around half naked before I took him in for a bath. It made for some cute photos. :)

This upcoming weekend is looking to be another good fun filled one that I'm sure you'll hear about. :)

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