Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pray for TODAY

This week, I hit (according to my cycle dates) 42 weeks. If I want a home birth, it has to happen by my 42nd week.

I've had three close calls where we thought I might be having the baby but every time the contractions end up dying down.

Yesterday, my midwife gave me a small dose shot of pitocin to see if we can trick my body into thinking it was in labor. After an hour the contractions died down. Then in the later evening, Gabe and I went walking through Target and Walmart. I had good contractions going. I ended up with a pain in (TMI) my vagina which was the baby's head descending. Eventually, I couldn't walk through the contractions and a few I had to breathe through.

We came home and they continued. I went to bed and had restless sleep. That was because I was having contractions! At around 5am I woke up actually breathing through a contraction! I kept having good contractions that hurt and that I had to breathe through every 10-12 min. A little after 6am, I told Gabe to stay home from work. This is it. By 7am, they were dying down and fizzling out. :(

The midwife came at about 9am and gave me a shot of pitocin and just like yesterday, they started dying down after a half hour or so. I just received a second dose and am having strong contractions lasting 50-55. Unfortunately, this dose is also starting to fizzle out a little.

Please say some prayers that it will continue and we will soon be holding our baby.


  1. Praying you're holding you little one very soon!! Good luck!!!!

  2. Awww sorry to hear that. :( Has she tried stripping your membranes? Hope baby soon shows up, I know what it feels like to go 2-3 weeks late. Hang in there!


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