Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Wow. I'm bad at this whole blog thing. Every time I try to sit down and think of something great to write about, my mind draws a blank. So I thought that maybe if I wrote about nothing then I wouldn't feel all this pressure to come up with something witty and profound. hah... We'll see how this goes.

Gabe came home May 25th (YAY) and it's pretty much been go go go since then. We have NO time to sit at home and do nothing. Seriously. The last time we even sat down at the end of the night to watch TV or relax was months ago. And don't get me started on when our last date was. Gabe's job doesn't help either. He takes two trips a month, minimum. He travels around the country training deploying troops how to do the job he was doing in Iraq. He loves it and it pays the bills so I can't complain too much. Unfortunately, he has had three trips this month. I flew home in between two of his trips for my best friend's wedding. I came home on a Monday night and Gabe left the very next morning. To top it off, we're trying to get pregnant so all this traveling and busy-ness is making it really difficult.

I thought it would happen right away, no problem. Well, I was wrong and it SUCKS! We didn't want more than a two year gap between kids and as it's looking now, there will be almost four. :( It's breaking our hearts and causing major stress. People keep telling us to relax, try this, do that, don't do this, blah blah blah!! GRR It doesn't do anything for me when the ones saying it are all PREGNANT, have just had a baby, or even both! They succeed in getting me upset is all that does.

I mean really. Is it too much to ask to be pregnant!?!?

Rant over... I feel better now. (not really)

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