Friday, February 11, 2011

Do it While You Can

My only self indulgence is a tumbling class that I take every Tuesday evening for one hour. Other than that, I don't do much else for myself.

What is tumbling you ask? Back handsprings, flips, and so on. Kind of like gymnastics, but without the equipment. My sister and I started watching gymnastics since the first time we got TV and always wanted to take a class. But Amish girls (and even after we weren't Amish) were not allowed to do that sort of stuff. The closest we could get to gymnastics was cheerleading. In high school, the two of us tried out for cheerleading without my mom's permission and without letting her know. We both made it and only then did we tell her.

Our squad decided to take a six week tumbling class. From the first class, I was hooked. We had always done flips and whatnot in our backyard as kids but to do this in a gym was amazing.

Since then, I've taken tumbling classes on and off but have always had to stop. Life has a tendency to "get in the way". There were three big reasons I had to stop. 1, I joined the Air Force. 2, Got preggo with Alena. and 3, preggo with Christian. Well I started back up when Christian was about 18 months old and haven't looked back since. I feel so great when I'm there. And knowing that I can still do it AND keep up with all the youngins' in the class is a big motivator. I am the oldest in the class by 10 years. HAH yeah, ten! What a way to make me feel old. I may be sore the day after and even the day after that, but I'm not letting that stop me. I look a lot younger than I am so I've had some people ask me why I'm taking the class. "Are you doing it for cheerleading or to learn something?"

Video of my tumbling here

"Uhh not quite. I'm just doing it for fun while I still can." And that's the whole point I'm trying to make. I'm sure there are things that you used to do that you've always wanted to keep up with but just haven't had the chance. What's holding you back? Get out there and DO IT WHILE YOU CAN!

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