Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

It's been 7 years since we were able to enjoy Thanksgiving with family. 7 years of missing out and wishing we could join in the festivities. We had the gathering at my brother's house and all brought various dishes to share.

(Please excuse the crappy phone pics but... you get what you get and we'll all survive.)

I made deviled eggs and this green bean casserole (watch for the recipe soon).

The kitchen was the popular gathering point for us adults. Duh, that's where the food and wine were.

The kids kept themselves busy playing with train tracks and various electronic devices.

The dog gave up. This many people were exhausting.

The babies love grandpa.

After everyone had their bellies filled, it was time for football and games.

Between jokes, farts, and many many laughs, we did manage to snap a few nice family pictures. These were the first ones we've taken in probably 15ish years and I really wish we were smart enough to choose a better place with better lighting.

Our lovely cousin joined us for a few pics too. :)

And now the outtakes...
My niece wanted in the pictures too.

And those pics preeetty much sum up my crazy family. We're weird and proud and of it.

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