Monday, April 21, 2014

Arizona From 7000 ft

We are alive! The move was successful and our drive from Arizona to Ohio went just fine... Minus the snow we woke up to in Amarillo, TX!

The weekend before we moved, the kids and I went hiking. I chose a place we've never hiked at because with us moving, we won't get the chance again. After the absolutely gorgeous views we saw, I regret not having done it sooner and with Gabe there. I chose to hike at the Coronado National Memorial which is just south of us and sits on the border of Mexico. Yes, we lived that close to the border.

I selected a hike that was short and had an incline of about 400 ft. No problem I thought. HAH! I didn't take into account that with a short hiking distance, the incline meant it would be steeper. And steep it was! Just about the whole thing was steps and I almost turned us around a few times but we persevered and it was worth it! It was breathtakingly beautiful, amazing, serene, so many words could describe it.

We had to drive up a steep, winding, one lane, dirt road which you'll see in the photos. Speaking of photos... Let's get to em.

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