Tuesday, November 13, 2012

At the Range

The other weekend, Gabe and I had one of his coworkers offer to take us to a shooting range. We've been talking about buying handguns for protection in the house (especially for me while Gabe is away on trips). We have been wanting to go for a long time and even though I've been putting it off for a while, I finally agreed to go.

We were using our friends' handguns, a Ruger SR40 and a baby Desert Eagle. I grew up around guns and would occasionally shoot them (mainly BB guns and 22s), but I had never shot a handgun. While in the Air Force, I only had the opportunity to shoot an M16 which I did shoot expert on (and was the ONLY girl in my flight to do so)! OK brag moment over...

We were shooting at a closer range, maybe 20 yards. My first shot didn't go off so well. I was not expecting the kick it gave me and I ended up screaming like a little girl at the surprise and completely missed the target. Hah! But by the end, I was more comfortable and figured out what I needed to be doing.

 I did figure out after this picture that I needed to change my stance.

Look at the baby bump!

My shot group is the one I pointed out. Not bad for a first time!

Gabe got a video of me shooting and happened to get one of my best shots! See picture above. That shot on the far right of that group is the one seen on the video.

Also, please excuse my husband's "amazing" video skills. Haha!

I had a lot more fun than I thought I would! Now, we just have to get some of our own and I can go practice more often. :)

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